Save the cheerleader…save the world! I don't think its that simple. (If you haven't watched the TV series Heroes you won't understand…so go and watch it now! :)



and it changed my life. What does that even mean? Seriously when people say that I just want to cut off my ears! I've heard it so many times! But the reality is its the truth. I'm not the same. I saw things. I saw the faces of poverty. Poverty is not just a word anymore. Its a baby sleeping on a concrete footpath, a whole family living under a beach umbrella on the side of a busy city street, its old men and small children sitting on concrete stairwells for hours every day begging, surviving on the kindness of strangers. Its hopelessness. ITS HAVING NO CHOICE. Do you know that feeling…of not having a choice? I took the photo on the left out a bus window in Manila. I was trying to take a picture of a Jeepney to send to my son. It was only after I took it that I realised I had captured a young homeless boy's legs as he slept on the ground in the middle of the day. Even now my heart aches for this kid. He has no choice. :(

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For such a time as this.

For such a time as this.

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There is no US. Its just ME…but if you join me then there can be two of US!

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When you don't have a plan everything is urgent. I really need a plan. Any ideas?


Do you ever see a need and feel like YOU MUST DO SOMETHING but you just don't know what it is you need to doand so you just do nothing?

I have no idea what I am doing.​BUT instead of doing nothing like I've always done in the pastI AM DOING THIS!

WHAT IS THIS? The truth is I'm not quite sure. Maybe you can help me figure that bit out…maybe…if you want to do something rather than nothing…if you want to make a difference too but don't quite know what to do.

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